Click here to download and play the game.

BreakoutVK is a clone of Breakout made using a Vulkan-based renderer.

The point of this project was to make a game (no matter how big or small) that runs using an engine I had made (something I hadn’t achieved since making Super Zombie Smash back in 2013 with a custom software renderer/rasterizer written in Java).

The game is fairly faithful to the original Breakout on Atari 2600 except it has a different HUD/UI and comes with a local high score system as well where you can input your own name and it records that data to a binary file (.dat). The idea of doing this was to learn more about binary file serialization (it turns out that this was fairly trivial at its core, but a better implementation could certainly be achieved next time in a more fleshed-out game).

I’ve also open-sourced the game on my GitHub. It can be found here. I’ve also written a small post-mortem on the readme on the repository too.