DisMazeMent is a game that I made at Brains Eden 2015. The theme this year was “Displacement”. This game was made using Unity (C#).

This game features a procedurally generated maze (which is generated using Prim’s Algorithm) and while this is really awesome (given I had no previous experience of Prim’s Algorithm) it did present some issues like not being able to use Unity’s NavMesh system because it’s very simple and rudimentary. We could have implemented some kind of A* path finder but we were running out of time after trying (and failed) to implement online networking and a “versus” game mode into the game (we actually managed to get networking half-working at one point, but out attempts at achieving the multiplayer was thwarted by lack of networking permissions from the University’s network).

I also wrote a “Dissolve Shader” using Unity Surface Shaders which just uses a basic crop algorithm against a noise map and discards the pixel if it’s value reaches 0 or below. Then the “slice value” is just increased or decreased during run-time so that the object gives the appearance of dissolving in or out. This feature can be noticed when (re)spawning for the first time in a game (dissolving in) or when running out of time (dissolving out).

It’s safe to say I was very proud of my work at this jam.