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This is a university assignment but I’m still quite proud of it. The assignment was to make a prototype of a game, any game, so long as it was 2D.

For a programmer, I think the art isn’t terrible (inspired by Minicraft). Really low-res pixel art is clearly where it’s at.

In this game you play as the leader of a four-man Viking raid party who wants to conquer all of Scandiavia. You must work your way up from pillaging hamlets to taking down the largest of towns.

I had to cut back on a lot of things initially planned (instead of having AI allies I wanted it to be done via 4 player online co-op but it never happened). I also would’ve wanted to have more towns to raid (but this is, after all, only a demo).

All sprites contain only 4 shades of grey which is then tinted over. It would’ve been nice to manipulate those individual colors.

Made using Unity, Paint.NET and sounds were made using SFXR. The level is a mix of generated grass (I’m not going to call it procedural generation because that feels like I’m cheating) and the Mead Halls and Trees are part of the Unity scene.