Sparse Voxel Octree Demo

This was my major project for my Bachelors degree at Solent University. The aim of the demo was to show Sparse Voxel Octrees being used to perform 3D scan conversion on a model. The demo was made in C++ using OpenGL.

Initially I aimed much higher: I wanted the demo to use Compute Shaders in order to convert the model and generate the voxel data where needed and also have a more complex form of rendering on the voxels themselves (such as lighting or some form of ray-tracing), however this never came to pass. I was told to scale back the scope of the demo in the interest of having something polished and complete come the final deadline. I also wanted the LoD to be changeable in realtime (in terms of both increasing and decreasing it with minimal load times). So unfortunately the demo is currently running on a single thread (voxel subdivision past level 3 gets really slow). However, now that the deadline is over I can get to work on some of those features I initially wanted.

I was awarded a first class honours (BSc) degree in “Computer Games: Software Development” where I scored 92/100 in my implementation.