Temple Of The Opal Beetle

Click here to download and play the game.

Temple Of The Opal Beetle is a game I made at the University of Portsmouth Game Jam 2017. It’s an Arena FPS inspired by the likes of DOOM, Quake, and Devil Daggers.

This game won “Most Technically Advanced” at the game-jam for my work on making the double-wide pixels and making the game look really low-resolution (however, the textures were still pixelated a little bit and the sounds were bit-crushed to aid that feel).

Overall time spent programming on this game was 35 hours. I was responsible for programming everything in the game, including, but not limited to:

This game was created for the University of Portsmouth GameJam 2017 where the 3 random themes this year were:

After over an hour of not really coming up with anything we just decided to use the beetle theme and make a Quake-like arena shooter where you blast your way through a series of levels involving beetles as the enemy (I don’t remember where the idea of having the beetles in the Temple came from though…).

The development during the gamejam was incredibly smooth and we hit essentially every milestone/task we initially set out to hit.

Big thanks to the others on my team:

For doing everything else. =)