My name’s Dan Moody and I’m a graphics/engine programmer. I specialise in C/C++, Vulkan, and CPU/GPU optimisation.

I’m an incredibly driven and motivated programmer who just wants to make the very best games and software they possibly can. I put my all into everything I do.

I have always enjoyed programming and I have always found graphics and low-level programming the most difficult disciplines, so I get a real sense of accomplishment when I’m able to produce good work in those two things.

If you want to, you can email me at [email protected].

Feel free to browse all of the things I’ve worked on. Have fun!

What I do

I work at Red Kite Games as a programmer. I’ve worked on a few games:


I’ve been programming since I was 15 starting out with Java, which I did for around 2/3 years. Since then I’ve moved over to C and C++ but I’ve also done a fair amount of work in Unity.

In 2014 I got an internship at ARM on the Demo Team where I made a Realtime Compute Shader-based Depth-of-Field blur effect. It was a great job.

In 2016 I joined Red Kite Games and I’ve been there ever since. =)

I’ve also done a whole bunch of game jams.


My hobby is my job, which makes me very happy. I don’t really do anything else.

I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when I can, but that’s about it.